How to upload a video from PowerDirector to YouTube?

CyberLink PowerDirector has partnered with YouTube to offer users an expansive online storage capacity for storing and sharing their created films. How to upload a video from PowerDirector to YouTube? You can utilize CyberLink PowerDirector to directly upload your finished film on the Internet.

Once it’s on YouTube, it has the potential to be viewed by numerous individuals daily. Share the links with your friends for convenient access to your files.


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What is PowerDirector app?

PowerDirector, developed by CyberLink, is a video editing app available for both mobile and desktop devices. It provides users with a user-friendly interface and robust editing tools that enable them to effortlessly create high-quality videos. Users can take advantage of a range of features, including effects, transitions, audio editing, and more.

PowerDirector is a versatile app for content creators, vloggers, and anyone looking to enhance their videos with ease. You may download the PowerDirector app for your device.


How to upload a video from PowerDirector to YouTube?

Step-by-Step Guide to Upload a Video from PowerDirector to YouTube:


1.    Complete Video Editing in PowerDirector:

Ensure that you have finished editing your video in CyberLink PowerDirector and saved it in a compatible format. Go through your video one last time to make sure everything looks perfect.


2.   Export the Video

In PowerDirector, click on the “Produce” button or go to the “File” menu and select “Produce.” Choose the appropriate export settings, such as resolution, format, and quality. For YouTube, it’s best to use the H.264 or H.265 codec with a high-quality resolution (e.g., 1080p or 4K).


3.   Save the Video File

Choose the destination folder where you want to save the video folder. Give it a meaningful and SEO-friendly filename that describes your video’s content.


4.   Log in to YouTube

Open your web browser and go to Sign in to your YouTube account. If you don’t have an account, create one by snapping on “Sign In” and after “Create Account.”


5.   Upload the Video

Click on the “Upload” button, which is usually represented by a camera icon with a “+” sign. Hand-picked the “Upload Video” option from the drop-down menu.


6.   Select the Video File

Click on the “Select files to upload” button and navigate to the folder where you saved your PowerDirector video. Choose the video file and click “Open.”


7. Video Information and Privacy Settings

While the video is uploading, fill in the required information such as title, description, and tags. Choose an engaging and descriptive title that accurately represents your video. Write a detailed and informative description to provide viewers with context


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and important information about your video. Add relevant tags to help users find your video in YouTube searches.

1.    Video Thumbnail

You’ll be given the option to select a video thumbnail from three auto-generated options or upload a custom thumbnail. A compelling thumbnail can significantly impact the click-through rate, so consider creating an eye-catching image that represents your video’s content.


2.   Privacy Settings

Choose the privacy settings for your video. You can make it public, unlisted (only accessible via link), or private (viewable to specific users). For a standard video, select “Public.”


3.   Video Visibility and Distribution

Determine whether you want your video to be included in YouTube’s search results and recommendations. You can also decide whether you want viewers to leave comments, ratings, and other engagement options.


4.   Publish the Video

After you have filled in all the necessary information and adjusted the settings, click the “Publish” or “Done” button. Your video will now be live on YouTube and accessible to the public based on the privacy settings you selected.


5.    Video Optimization and Promotion

To increase visibility and engagement, consider optimizing your video for search by using relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags. Share your video on social media and other platforms to reach a wider audience.

Congratulations! You have successfully uploaded your video from PowerDirector to YouTube, and it’s ready to be discovered and enjoyed by viewers around the world. Remember to engage with your audience.


Can I upload multiple videos to YouTube at the same time?


Indeed, YouTube does not offer a dedicated feature for this purpose. However, you do have the option to simultaneously drag and drop multiple videos into the upload tool.

Although they will load individually, you will not need to wait for one video to load before being able to drag and drop the next one.


How do I upload long videos to YouTube?

To upload long videos to YouTube, you must first verify your account to gain access to extended video upload limits.

Once verified, simply click on the “Upload” button on YouTube.

Select your video file, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upload process.

Ensure your internet connection is stable, and be patient as longer videos may take more time to upload and process.


Is CyberLink PowerDirector good for YouTube?

PowerDirector is widely regarded as the top choice for YouTube video editing software. This is primarily due to its extensive range of professional tools, exceptional value, and user-friendly interface. With PowerDirector, you can effortlessly edit and upload videos to various platforms and devices.

It provides pre-selected aspect ratios specifically tailored for YouTube and other popular social media sites, ensuring seamless integration across different channels.

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